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Zuzka Walks the Dog

Shower in White Pants

282 pics (1280×960 size), 08:10 minutes long videos

Zuzka takes the fully clothed shower in white pants, white hoodie with black t-shirt underneath and sneakers. She steps into the shower, turns the water on and soaks all her outfit. Enjoy!

White Shower by Zuzka

Hair Wash in White Pants

174 pics (1280×960 size)

Zuzka takes the fully clothed shower in white pants and white t-shirt. She spilled the glass of wine on her clothes so she needed to wash that off… She also washes her long hair. Enjoy!

Black Pants by Zuzka

Zuzka takes a shower

189 pics (1280×960 size)

It was a normal shower for Zuzka besides of one thing, she forget to take her clothes of.. she wears black pants, white shirt with black bra underneath and black socks. She slowly soaks her outfit under warm shower, shampoo her hair and clothes and enjoy it.