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Black and Fancy

Jane in Wetlook Leggings

22 pics (1280×960 size) and 07:57 minutes long video

Jane was just about to go out with her girlfriends but she spotted the pool and friends have to wait.. She steps into the water in black heels, black wetlook leggings, black long sleeved shirt and slowly soaks her outfit. She swims, goes out of the water couple times to see her wet clothes and has a great time. Enjoy!

Lena in Shorts

Lena Swims in White Shorts in the Pool

128 pics (1280×960 size)

Lena enjoys the pleasant fully clothed swim in white shorts and grey sweater. She slowly soaks her outfit and has fun in the pool. Enjoy!

Grey T-Shirt

Jane Swims in Jeans and T-Shirt

24 pics (1280×960 size) and 06:36 minutes long video

Jane takes the fully clothed swim wearing blue jeans and grey t-shirt. She slowly soaks the bottom of her jeans while sitting on the edge of the pool. Then she goes in the warm water to take a short swim. Enjoy!

Long Green Dress

Jane Swims in Green Dress

16 pics (1280×960 size) and 08:20 minutes long video

Jane decided to wear beautifull long green dress for this swim. She slowly goes into warm water watching her dress getting wet and dark. She sits on the edge and plays with the water and her dress for a while. Eventually she takes a swim and totaly soaks herself. She steps out and back into the pool to see her beautifull wet dress couple times. Enjoy!

New Light Jeans

Jane Swims in Light Jeans

27 pics (1280×960 size), 08:19 minutes long videos

Jane goes for a swim in sneakers, light jeans and black long sleeved shirt. She slowly soaks all her outfit in nice hot water, swims and has fun. Enjoy!