Little Black Dress

Jane in Dress and Tights

24 pics (1280×960 size), 07:50 minutes long videos

Jane just came home from work and she needs some refreshment. The best way how to do it is taking the fully clothed swim.. She wears black short dress with black tights, black heels and totally soaks all her outfit in the pool. Enjoy!

Sweater and Lucie

Lucie swims in long sleeved sweater dress

121 pics (1280×960 size) and 03:33 minutes long video

Lucie enjoys the fully clothed swim in long sleeved sweater dress and tights. She goes into the pool and slowly soaks her outfit. She swims for and has fun. Enjoy!

Skirt and Leggings

Jane Takes the Fully Clothed Shower

09:15 minutes long video

Jane is taking the fully clothed shower in skirt with black leggings underneath, black long sleeved shirt and black boots. She turns the water on and slowly soaks all her outfit. Enjoy!

Jane in Blazer

Jane Swims in Jeans and Blazer

20 pics (1280×960 size) and 09:17 minutes long video

Jane goes for the fully clothed swim in new white blazer, jeans, heels and black tank top underneath. She slowly soaks her outfit in the pool and enjoys her time. Enjoy!

Jeans and Jacket by Tatiana

Tatiana Swims in Jeans and Jacket

171 pics (1280×960 size), 05:13 minutes long video

Tatiana steps into the water soaking her black boots, blue jeans and leather jacket with red tank top underneath. She swims, has fun and eventually takes the black jacket off. Enjoy!