Bicycle Clothes and Jane

Jane Swims Bicycle Outfit

33 pics (1280×960 size) and 05:12 minutes long video

Jane just came back from bicycle trip and goes right into the swimming pool still wearing her bicycle outfit. She swims for a while and has fun. Enjoy!

Long Red Dress with Jane

Jane Swims in Fancy Dress

29 pics (1280×960 size) and 06:45 minutes long video

Jane enjoys the fully clothed swim in long red dress and black tights. She goes into the pool and slowly soaks her outfit. She swims for a while and has fun. Enjoy!

Holiday Bath by Zuzka

Zuzka Takes The Fully Clothed Bath

272 pics (1280×960 size)

Zuzka took the fully clothed bath in blue jeans, white t-shirt and ballerinas. She filled up the bathtub with warm water, she laid down and enjoyed the feeling of wet clothes. She had the great time and she can’t wait for the next wet experience.Enjoy!

Jane in the Nature

Jane in Jeans

38 pics (1280×960 size), 07:50 minutes long video

Jane had a day off and headed out for a walk with the dogs. During the walk she got taste for a swim in the creek in the woods. The stream was cold but it did not deter Jane and she enjoyed a lovely bath.

Business Veronika

Veronika Swims in Business Outfit

147 pics (1280×960 size) and 03:58 minutes long video

Veronika takes a fully clothes swim wearing orange shirt, black skirt and heels. She slowly goes in the pool, swims and having great time in the pool. Enjoy!