White Pants by Veronika

Veronika swims in white pants and yellow t-shirt

172 pics (1280×960 size), 04:49 minutes long video

Veronika goes in the swimming pool to take a pleasant fully clothed swim. She wears ballerinas, white pants, yellow shirt and goes into nice warm water slowly soaking all her clothes.. Enjoy!

Blue Shirt and Lake by Zuzka

Zuzka in Jeans

216 pics (1280×960 size), 05:05 minutes long videos

Zuzka steps into the water soaking her ballerinas, blue jeans, blues shirt with white t-shirt underneath. She swims, soaks her hair and has fun. Enjoy!

Wet and Sporty

Jane in Sports Outfit

20 pics (1280×960 size), 08:13 minutes long videos

Jane takes the fully clothed shower wearing black sporty leggings with yellow sports t-shirt and white socks. She steps into the bathtub and slowly shower all her clothes. Enjoy!

Veronika in Blue Dress

Veronika Swims in Dress

172 pics (1280×960 size), 04:22 minutes long video

Veronika takes the fully clothed swim in warm pool. She steps into the water in blue dress, black heels and totally soaks all her outfit. She swims, goes out and back in the pool and has fun. Enjoy!

Burgundy Business

Jane Swims in Business Outfit

18 pics (1280×960 size) and 08:10 minutes long video

Jane just came back from job interview. She was so happy because she got the job so she went into the pool the way she was – fully clothed. She wears red leather skirt with black tights, shoes, white long sleeved shirt and totally soaks all her outfit including her long dark hair. Enjoy!